Have you ever looked at a website and just been awestruck by the design, the flow of data & the overall user experience of it? You must have looked at someone’s resume website and thought of having your own web portfolio to showcase the amazing things you have done. But, you’re not sure how to start… right? Well, you start with learning the basics languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript and advance to other skills as you improve on the basics.

There is a ton of material on what you need to learn to start making your own websites. But…

If you’re already working on a project that uses electron and you were not a part of the development from the beginning, then you might find yourselves in the same shoes that I found myself when I decided to write an app in Electron all the way from scratch.

Doesn’t seem like such a difficult thing right? That’s what I thought too. So I quickly created a sample web app using create-react-app and started updating the UI to suit my sample application. It was all going well, I had encapsulated my app with electron and my simple web page had…

We have all come across use cases where we want our users to be able to download a file from our application. I know that in the world of web applications this seemed a pretty straightforward thing. Below we’ll see how we can achieve this in an electron application.

Before jumping straight to the task at hand please make sure you are aware of these few basic terms that we are going to use while discussing the solution -

  1. Main Process
  2. Renderer Process
  3. ipcRenderer
  4. ipcMain

If you are new to electron, I would suggest you read the explanation below, but…

Chirag Agrawal

Front-end enthusiast | App developer | MTS at Lambdatest

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